5 On-Camera Blunders to Avoid

5 On-Camera Blunders to Avoid

Showbiz Video Productions - Gold Coast - 5 On-Camera Blunders to Avoid

How others perceive you can have a dramatic affect on how they think about your business. With video becoming more and more popular as medium for communication it’s important that you get it right.

Here are some the most common blunders that people make when making a video production. Avoid these at all costs because once they’re out there in the online world even if you can remove them, you’l犀利士
l have a hard time removing any negative impressions they have left on your audience or potential clients.

Choose a solid colour to wear for your video shoot. You might have a favourite shirt or top you love to wear but unfortunately cameras don’t focus very well on certain things such as patterns or stripes and can come across messy and distracting in the final video production. It’s worth seeking out a professional stylist if you’re not sure what to wear. They can give you advice on the best style for you and to fit with the theme of the video content.

A professional video production will almost always require additional lighting and the lights used can get quite hot especially if they’re positioned close to you. If you’re hot and or nervous, you’ll start to sweat and light will make your face shine in a way you don’t want.      A sweating and shiny head will instantly convey an untrustworthy person and lack of confidence which will undermine even the best spoken script. Professional stage make-up is essential for men and women. It’s important to make sure the colour and type you use are right for the shoot so work with a professional video production team to assist you.

Sound and lighting are crucial factors in a video production and getting either of them wrong tells the audience you are an amateur. Professional video production companies are not only highly skilled experts with using sound and light equipment but they also have industry standard equipment designed to be used specifically for video production.

Doing an interview style video production can be a great way of taking the spotlight off you and onto your guest. It’s also a good way to create a unique video and not have to write a script. While this method has its upside, it takes a certain skill to be able to conduct an effective and entertaining interview. Let your interview subject finish their sentences. Be careful not to jump in too soon, they may just be pausing or thinking. There’s nothing more annoying than an interviewer who interrupts their guest.

Lastly, don’t speak too fast. Or too slow! You don’t need to memorize your script but you should be prepared with notes or a teleprompter to keep the flow of your message at a pace that suits your topic. The first 15 seconds of your video are the most important in capturing the attention of your audience so the overall production will need to keep them interested enough to keep watching and listening.

There’s much more to a making professional video production than simply pointing a camera and pressing record. If you require a professional video production we can help. We are industry experts in video production and video editing and we can help you with anything from script to finished product. We work with your needs and requirements. To find out more just contact one of our two Gold Coast offices located in Southport and Tugun. We do video production犀利士
on location anywhere in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.


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