5 questions to ask before hiring a video editor

5 questions to ask before hiring a video editor

Hiring a professional video editor to polish and give life to your captured special moments actually loses its purpose when you don’t research well and hire just any company without even reaching for THE one. To cut down some of the risks of hiring the wrong one, here are 5 simple questions to ask your prospective video editors so you can have the best chance of picking a winner that won’t let you down.

  1. Do you have any relevant work samples?

This seems obvious, still surprisingly, a lot of people don’t ask to see relevant work. Ask for their relevant work samples and if they can’t provide any, you should at least send them a sample of a video you like. Make sure they are skilled enough to produce the video the way you want it.

  1. Can you provide client testimonials?

You can get a fair idea about their service quality with the feedbacks from previous clients. Any experienced video editor should be able to provide at least 3 raving client testimonials. Be wary, if you don’t see these.

  1. Will you give me a specific budget breakdown?

All elements involved in a video production have costs and varying quality levels. These costs should be specified, up front, so that you’re not left with a surprise bill at the end of the project. Also, it’s important to have clear payment terms.

  1. How do I share my feedback?

Reviewing your videos and giving feedback is the most important step in video creation. Learn about the process well and also ask about how often you can expect them to contact with you. Any great editor will give you regular progress reports so that you know exactly what stage the project is at.

  1. What about the video copyright?

Many video production companies retain copyright of your finished job which means that you are restricted with how and where your work is published. At Video Production Gold Coast, we never hold copyright over your work so you never have to ask permis犀利士
sion on how you wish to publish or distribute your video production. Once your project has been completed, it’s yours to do with as you please.

Video Production Gold coast has a team of video editors who can bring your video footages to life. They have over 10 years of professional experience in this industry and offer quotes so there are no blurry lines when doing business with them. Vis犀利士
it our website or call us to make the best of your video footage with our skills and expertise.


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