8 video editing secrets for enthusiastic amateurs

8 video editing secrets for enthusiastic amateurs

8 video editing secrets for enthusiastic amateurs

If you are an amateur wanting to use your video, instead kicking and screaming because editing is the last thing you ever wanted to do, stay put. This article is about how to make better looking videos that builds your brand, attracts audience, and not to mention, sets the screen on fire.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at some basic tricks that can play a vital role in editing your videos to perfection.

  1. Deciding the pace: You should plan the pace for your video well to ensure it has the most impact on the audience. If your video is too fast, the information will go by too quickly, your audience will not be able to absorb the information. If your edit is too slow, your viewers are going to get bored within the first 30 seconds and you will lose them.
  2. Basic cut:<犀利士
    /strong> A cut happens when you simply decide to slice or remove the footage you don’t want viewers to see. Your video comes to life when you start putting the cuts together. So know which part you want to keep and what you want to trim off.
  3. Choosing the right take: Always let performance choose and dictate which take you actually use. If you choose the best looking take but it doesn’t enhance the story, you are going to lose all the feeling and people are going to get confused.
  4. The jump cut: Think of a guy holding an egg over a building and then cutting to a clip of a splattered egg on a sidewalk. Even though the audience didn’t see the egg falling, it’s obvious what happened in between. This is called jump cut. Use jump cuts to preserve visual interest without the audience having to watch boring fluff.
  5. Easy on the transitions: It’s normal for an amateur to get really excited about the myriad of options available to them in edit犀利士
    ing software; the page peel, the mosaic, the twirl, and what not. These transitions are unprofessional, and NOT recommended. For most case, just putting two cuts together is the only transition you’ll ever need.
  6. Lot of B-rolls: You can never have too much B-roll or secondary footage for your videos. As an editor, you are always going to be cutting out ‘buts’, ‘ands’, pauses, anything to keep the tempo secure. To cover up all those stuffs, you need a lot of footage.
  7. Multiple shots: The more we can change up our shots, the more we can keep our videos alive and our viewers engaged. A simple trick for doing this is to take your medium shot and during a key moment in the video and zoom in for a close up. You don’t need a second camera in order to do this, you just zoom in and zoom out while editing.
  8. Good music/sound effect: David Lynch, one of the most innovative directors in the world, once said, “Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.” So pay attention while adding sound effects.

You don’t need to learn how to do everything under the sun, you just need to know what’s important and what’s not.  And despite all these beautiful tricks, if you are not confident enough to handle the editing part yourself, you always have the option to hire a professional. Video production Gold Coast offers you a professional editing service that can give your amateur videos a polished and professional edge. We can accommodate clients with tight budgets as well as those who require full scale productions. Contact us at our Gold Coast office in Southport or Tugun for more information about how our video editing services can help you with your project.


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