• “Very pleased with wedding dvd …the cover and labels were great..the whole production was edited well and the entrance into the reception lounge was smart..music worked well…getting the wedding dance was great and the cutting of the cake you were in the right position at the right time..having done this a few times I find moving around the tables and saying hi to the guests gets a happy response and you are not intruding with the end result a little bit more personable film…so thanks for a great result and a dvd they will always cherish…”

    Rowan Macaulay, Brisbane – 2010
  • “Showbiz offers prompt, reliable and professional service in creating memorable DVD’s on behalf of our families that we look after across the Gold Coast during their time of need. We can highly recommend showbiz when it comes to transforming loved ones special photos into everlasting memories.”

    Nikki Rusko, Executive Manager – Heritage Brothers Funeral Services – 2010
  • “In 2009, I had Showbiz Video Productions film my end of year Concert.
    My initial enquiry was handled very efficiently and courteously and I was asked to call in to the office and view similar jobs they had done. The quality of the work looked good so I was quite confident that everything would go well. The filming of the Concert was done very professionally and the quality of the DVDs is really high. [They] seemed to be really ‘savvy’ about filming stage productions and the finished product was received really well by students and parents. The copies were ready in a couple of weeks and presented very well also.
    I will certainly be

    Vaughan Williams-Horn, Vaughan Williams-Horn School of Dance – 2010
  • “A wonderfully sensitive production of old family photos to DVD. Great service, lots of helpful suggestions and ready when agreed. Highly recommended!”

    Chris Hey, Brisbane – 2009
  • “You did our 30year reunion rugby video, music and slideshow. It was a fantastic job and when the guys and girls of Nepean College saw the end product on the night they were amazed and some shed a few sentimental tears. Overall, very happy indeed.”

    Stuart Mullins, Executive Search International – 2009
  • “Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with our wedding. Your staff were so lovely!”

    Samantha Morely, Gold Coast – 2009
  • “I cry every time I watch it and so does everyone else. The boys try to hide it, but I’ve caught them as well. Thank you for adding such beauty to our treasured family memories.”

    Kimberly Rapson
  • “This letter is in regards to our wedding and the video we hired you to do. We believe our wedding was a very unique and wonderful experience, but we never imagined just how wonderful it was until we saw the way you put it all together for us. So many of the most precious moments are there and gone in an instant, in the blink of an eye but you captured them all, and when they were too quick, slowed them down for maximum impact, and timed those moments to the music. Never before have we seen any video production business concentrate so much on these little details that mean the world to us. Thank you for giving us the gift of reliving our

    Bruce & Sam Fenner
  • “When my friend told me he knew someone that could do our music video, I was a bit sceptical and remained that way all the way up until the first day of filming. You took control of the situation, directed everyone so effectively and produced something that I have no doubt will be on the top 40s in the very near future. The response has been overwhelming. I have never seen so many happy tears shed over a music video done so well. Thank you for everything you have done for us.”

    PJ & Mel, Future Native
  • “Our daughter just showed us the DVD you put together for her and her family. We were truly amazed at the way these photos were presented, and the sensitive manner in which the music and the images flowed together. It obviously requires real artistic skill to be able to judge the timing and make the changes in a way which gives maximum impact to our senses. You have accomplished a remarkably successful result by giving us all a production of this quality. This will be one of the most treasured mementos in our family’s history. We are extremely grateful to you for your special efforts in recreating our memories with such excellence. ”

    John & Marion Bowles
  • “I had finished a development some time ago and was having a hard time selling the last 13 houses, as the market had taken a turn for the worse. I needed to do something different to make my development stand out from the rest. You were hired by my daughter to do a “This is Your Life Video”, for my sons 21 st birthday. After seeing this video, I was so moved by the way it was presented, I approached you about doing something for my development. You suggested a “Getaways” style presentation. I liked the idea. Gave you the job, and a few months later, all the houses were sold. Thank you so much for your great ideas, how quickly you

    Russell VanMoen