Converting video files to dvd and dvds to video files

Converting video files to dvd and dvds to video files

Showbiz Video Productions - Gold Coast - Converting video files to dvd and dvds to video files

We have been getting a lot of people lately wanting to transfer videos from their flash cards, usbs. hard drives, phones to dvd, or turn 犀利士
a bunch of videos into one video or convert their dvd’s into video files. We charge for this service. Our prices are very low compared to our competitors. And providing the info on how to do this yourself may lose us a little bit of income, but we are trying to help our customers save money.

One of the softwares that we use is free and easy. Freemake Video Converter. You can download it from here.

It’s free and easy.

Flash cards, Hard drives, USB’s to DVD

Just copy your videos to a file on your computer. Open up Freemake, click on top left 犀利士
button that says + Video. Find your videos through this button. Click the first one, hold down your shift key and click the last one. They should all highlight. Click open. You will see your videos loading into Freemake. Once they have finished loading,click on top right button (join files) if you want all the videos to be joined as one video. Or leave it be if you want them to remain separate.

Choose what format you want your video to be in at the bottom. MP4 is pretty universal. Pretty much everything accepts them and plays them. Once you click on one of the logos at the bottom a box will appear. In the 2nd window where it says “save to” choose where you want the video to go and click convert.

Converting dvd to digital video files

Put dvd into your computer. Open freemake. Click third button from top left +DVD. You will see your dvd open in the window. Click the format you want it in from one of the selections on the bottom. Choose where you want it to go. Click on Convert.

This program is very easy to use and works well. It will crash if you over load it. So if you have hundreds of videos, you might have to do 50 or even 20 at a time. If you want them all joined but it keeps crashing, do 20 at a time in another folder, then choose all of the ones you have converted back into freemake a 2nd time. Once it has converted all the files using it’s own process, it will easily do them all the 2nd time without crashing.

Hope this helps you all.

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